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Graphic artist & illustrator


— Hello!

I’m Eli García, a plastic artist and communicator from Spain, currently based in Sicily, also passionate about languages, both speaking and visual.

Using art as a way to explore human connections, identity and emotions, through a colorful and delicate universe protagonized by strong women and surrealistic nature.

In a lifelong learning & endless experimentation process,
open to artistic, fashion, educational and social projects
all over the world. ◊

— Say hello!

ES (+34) 684 61 73 98

IT (+39) 3519 706 276

I have always been attracted about the secrets of the mind, emotions, creativity and human expression, that’s why alongside to my artistic career I start my path towards another of my big dreams: to specialize in Psychology & Art·Therapy.

 — Ask to make a workshop if you are in Palermo: